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The Clutch Kings Biography (Get Clutched)

The Clutch Kings hail from Austin, TX and are everything the band’s name suggests. They pack the big Texas rock sound in the classic 2 guitars, bass and drums format. Upfront vocals, slippery blues rock guitar runs, chugging bass grooves, and thundering drums are the order of the day here.

The band was formed in 2011 when longtime friends Kory Brown (lead guitarist for the Bitter Angels) and Michael Tarsha (bass guitarist for AudioLight) were playing the same bill and noticed that the opening band had cancelled. Not wanting to let the audience or club owner down, Kory and Michael put together a quick 45 minute set within just a few days, called in a favor one of their favorite drummers and named themselves The Clutch Kings. What started out as a challenge and one time gig to play some of their favorite cover tunes quickly turned into more than they expected when the club asked them back to headline more shows. More clubs caught the Clutch Kings vibe and gigs started to pile up.

The next major event in The Clutch Kings history occurred when legendary blues rock guitarist Keith “The Captain” Hiebner started sitting in at gigs and their local jam sessions.  The Captain provides the perfect balance for the band with his stinging Texas guitar leads and soulful blues riffs. The line-up was then cemented when drummer Marc Nelipovich took over the drum spot providing world class grooves and shuffles.

With a full line up audiences began asking for more and more shows and the band quickly moved into writing and recording mode and what emerged were the first batch of Clutch Kings originals. Songs that allow them to explore their Texas roots with titles like “Straight to Your Soul”, “Shackles and Bones”, and “Empty Like You.”

The Clutch Kings continue on to this day juggling a healthy mix of gigs, studio work, benefit shows, UT Texas tailgate performances and of course private parties. Look for their first EP “Up in Arms” out later this year

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