Kriss Ward

Drums, Rock ‘n Roll, more Rock ‘n Roll and then Drums. Kriss was born in Texas like all great drummers but began his musical journey by playing original hard rock music growing up in Kansas City.

Influences: Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, Alex Van Halen, Tommy Lee

Favorite Food: Brisket

Favorite Vacation Spot: Behind my drum kit

Favorite Drink: Jameson Whiskey, High Life The Champagne of Beer

Desert Island Albums:  Kiss Destroyer, Whitesnake Slide it In, Dokken Tooth and Nail, Motley Crue Too Fast for Love, L.A. Guns Cocked and Loaded

Greatest Live Concerts: iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Judas Priest, Van Halen (Diver Down and 1984)

The Rolling Stones or The Beatles: The Stones but give me some killer ‘80s rock first

First Song Learned to Play: I actually started life first as a lead singer in my High School cover band and I had to tackle “Screaming in the Night” by Krokus. The first songs he learned to play on drums were actually all the great Motown R&B stuff.

Little Known Facts: Opened for Anthrax in the ‘80s but Kriss loves the L.A. Sleaze rock bands and that era and has shared the stage with many of these acts like Lynch Mob, Enuff Z’ Nuff, Dangerous Toys, Jackyard etc.

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