Marc Nelipovich

Drums:Kory Brown

Where where you born: Houston

Who are your main Influences: Miles Davis, Prince, Frank Zappa, Lao Tzu, Buddha, my sister, Kim Wilson, just to name a few

Favorite Food: Definitely Indian or Thai

Favorite Vacation Spot: As an active musician I don’t get many vacations except for a few trips to California during the year. Alaska is top of the list however.

Favorite Drink: The always tasty Kriek lambic

Desert Island Albums: My 160G iPod with over 10,000 songs

Greatest Live Concerts: All of them

First Song You Learned to Play: A middle eastern sounding thing on clarinet

Little Known Facts: I played with Gary Clark Jr. at Joe’s Generic Bar and other places when he was still in high school.  I have painted probably over 150 paintings (mostly musicians that have influenced me), but no Clutch Kings paintings yet.

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