Pete Skermetta

Abandoned as a baby, Pete was adopted and raised by Trappist monks. He spent his formative years entertaining the monks by playing the lute while standing on his head. He may have never been exposed to rock and roll if it weren’t for some botched dental work that resulted in him receiving radio signals in his head. At the age of 14 he left the monastery and joined the circus where he became an accomplished juggling trapeze artist. He eventually left the circus and settled in Austin where he was discovered and recruited by the Clutch Kings. He is also known to occasionally build a guitar. Check out when you have a chance. 

Influences: Pat Travers, EVH, Randy Rhoads.

Favorite Food: Bone-in ribeye, medium rare 

Favorite Vacation Spot: Middle of nowhere 

Favorite Drink: Margaritas

Desert Island Albums:  Van Halen- Fair Warning 

Deep Purple- Perfect Stangers

Pat Travers- Go for what you know 

Greatest Live Concerts: Van Halen Fair Warning tour 1981, 

Ozzy Osbourne Diary of a Madman tour 1982

The Rolling Stones or The Beatles: The Stones because I have seen them live

First Song Learned to Play: Skip to My Lou
Little Known Facts: IQ 165

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